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Originally Posted by Dave
... veiled insults, borderline personal attacks and closed minds. ... It comes down to a general lack of respect.
I would like everyone reading this to think about what I'm about to write. Please, do not respond to it, in this thread (if you absolutely must, your post will be deleted when next I see it). I just want you folks to think about it:

We have had 2 fairly new members come on board and post some of their thoughts to L&P. From a perspective of living in a small rural conservative town in Idaho, their posts are straight out of mainstream American thought. Like it or not. Yet, many who posted in L&P had no trouble with outright calling them all sorts of names, or alluding to their parentage, etc. Hardly a single person who raised their shrill voices to drown either of these two gentlemen's voices, had an open enough mind to see their POV.

If you have failed to see what I'm talking about, perhaps I should point to the Ron Paul threads. Here, we see the same exact thing. People who are so closed minded that any other viewpoint was tantamount to treason.

This is beyond being merely sad. It is a direct reflection of how reactionary some of you are. It is a direct reflection on TFL as a whole. It goes against the credo of our board and paints us all as knuckle-dragging neanderthals.

For those reasons, I'm against further political discourse.
Originally Posted by Wildalaska
I would note that if you limit the forum to Legal and Civil rights, it will cut down some of the invective, but you will still get:[list redacted]
If the thread start is not directly related to Civil Rights, then the thread gets closed and the thread starter gets yanked. If any posts within the thread gets tangentially political, that post gets deleted and that member gets yanked. Simple enough rule?

Hard and fast consequences: No Second Chances; No Argument; No Trial; No Way.

Ken, under that scenario, everyone who responded in such a manner would get yanked.

Folks would either discuss things in an adult and rational manner or our jobs as mods would get really easy, 'cause no one is posting!

In short, I want to see the bar raised so high, that those of you that are disrespectful of the opinions of others, either won't post or can't post.

OK then. The above is just my personal rant. It lets all of you know how I've felt about this subject for some time now. So there you have it. Dave's thoughts on the problem areas and mine.

So suggest away!
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