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Her new plan is to begin taking martial arts classes so if attacked by a gun toting hoodlum, she can immediately disarm him and shoot him with his gun.
Rather than being derisive, we should recognize that she has made a huge step forward. She is acknowledging that she has some responsibility for her own safety and security, and cannot count on others to protect her. It's a good beginning. Now perhaps she should be encouraged, such as "Do you know there are a lot of different gun designs out there. Why don't you come with me to the range and I'll show you how the different guns work so if you disarm him you'll be able to safely operate the gun." And then maybe something along the lines of "Now that you see how easy it is to use a gun, do you really think that going up against one with yhour martial arts is a good idea? Why don't we expand your protection plan by getting trained in firearms and buying one for yourself." Remember the old saw, from tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow.

By the way, if you keep telling women they can stand toe to toe with a man
and kick his buttocks, you'll eventually get a woman killed.
That is highly dependent on the woman and the man. I've known a fair number of women that could hold their own against lots of men, and I've known lots of men that wouldn't stand a chance against a woman with even llimited training.
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