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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
So Saab - in your expert opinion - martial arts or combative training categorically is a waste of time for a woman as they cannot beat any man?

Perhaps, you can't prevail over a mountain gorilla - that is a wonderful bit of scientific evidence to prove your point.

So women should not learn escapes or strikes or anything H2H given your expertise?
No. I already stated that the best option is to hit the bad guy where it
hurts and run.

I guess if you play enough Mortal Kombat, you may start to think that a
petite woman can kick the @@@@ out of a 200 pound man

Finish Him!!!

But reality is that the best option, if unarmed, is to hit where it hurts and run.

A better option is to be armed and know how to use the weapon.

By the way, if you keep telling women they can stand toe to toe with a man
and kick his buttocks, you'll eventually get a woman killed.
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