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Lots of posturing - having anyone take a modern combatives course is a good thing, tough guys.
Glenn is right about this one... how can it possibly be a bad thing for any woman to get self-defense training?? If she's learning from a good instructor, one of the first things she'll likely find out is what the limits of her strength are, relative to that of most men. And she'll also be exposed to people who do have more of a clue than she currently does about ways she can arm herself... pepper spray comes to mind here as a place she might be willing to start.

Sensible people of whatever gender don't go around picking fights. The fact that most men are stronger than most women means that if she's assaulted, any woman with decent training is better off than one without.

"Prevailing over a man" isn't the goal here. The goal is to defend yourself and get out of danger -- I think it's fairly well documented that a woman who resists a physical assault (by a rapist, for instance) is likely to come out of the situation better than one who doesn't...
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