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As one of the prior bad actors in L&P (see People vs Molineaux for a description of the prior bad act rule) and a big time offender, I would note that if you limit the forum to Legal and Civil rights, it will cut down some of the invective, but you will still get:

Post 1. The ATF is trying to shut down Jims Guns!

Reply: Those Jackbooted thugs! Everyone should be able to buy whatever they want at anytime.

Reply: Actually, that gun shop has been violating the law for quite some time.

Reply: You traitor to our natural born rights. You should be shot!

Reply: How can we allow guns to be controlled and still allow abortions...can you imagine if Hussien Osama gets elected?

Reply: Great, I see the far right loons are coming ouit of the woodwork

Reply: Who are you calling a loon?

Reply: He must be a Demonkrat

Reply: You guys give a bad image to gun owners.

Reply: Your post demonstrates you are far out of the mainstream!

Reply: Traitor. You and the Supreme Court both. You are a sheeple!

Reply: The sheeple need to know where we stand!

Reply: Who are you calling a demonkrat! Lets step outside!

Reply: Your mother wears army boots.

Reply: Better army boots than being a sheeple....baaaaaaaaaaah

Reply: I can't beleive these Neocons!

Et seq, ad infinitum, ad nauseum

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