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Evan Thomas
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After November when the trolls slink back to under their bridges and the emotional fever has passed hopefully we can get back to an open L&P forum requiring only a sane level of moderation as opposed to the insanity we have now.
I agree with Musketeer about this. L&P is an excellent forum. When the discussion is (mostly) civil, many of the threads are interesting, and I find reading them (along with posting occasionally) helps me to clarify my own thinking on quite a few topics...

As someone who's a relatively new member, though quite a long-time reader, I hesitate to ask this but will anyway: Is it technically feasible to ban the folks who can't seem to post there without getting abusive/irrational, but only from L&P? It seems a pity to cut them off entirely... Or would this be too much like some sort of 2nd-class citizenship?
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