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A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but...

...She's at least acknowledging the need for self-defense. Once she develops a warrior mindset, she might come to the tactical decision to be armed.

Years ago, a young lady I knew told me about the martial arts training she had begun. Without meaning to cause offense, I told her many of the things expressed in this thread, which are, of course, true.

I realize now that she had fragile self-esteem (like many of the posters here, it seems sometimes), and I should have been more supportive.

I think you should encourage her. Once she starts to evaluate her risk, she might change some of her opinions.

Saab, while I agree that as a general rule, women are physically weaker than men, I have known women who have subdued and arrested men bigger than them, without shooting them, and they were still just girls, as you say.

Saying that a woman's only unarmed force option is to kick a guy in the nuts and run is pretty poor advice. Training is valuable, and usually the most important factor in determining the outcome of a fight.

What about the recent case in Texas where the woman fought against her attacker, and, with her husband, ended up killing one and wounding the other. I bet if she had had even a little training, she could have done it herself. She was fighting for her family's lives.

Keltyke, are you suggesting you'd shoot an unarmed woman...? Of course not, you're making a point, but any fight has many variables. Having a firearm is a tremendous advantage, but not insurmountable.

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