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The .308 is a great deer gun, and even a good gun for black bear. Humans though are wimpy after being shot. Bears will attack and try to eat you, where humans just fall down. In most cases, .308 is overkill. In a sniper situation where you need to shut down a hostage taker with one shot, the .308 is extremely accurate, bucks the wind and will go where you put it. .308 is an excellent sniper rifle caliber and wins hands down over the .223. For the average shoot 'em up and knock 'em down, the .223 is a great platform with it's fast flying, trauma creating bullet. You can also carry more ammo with the .223 as it's lighter. For those who are recoil sensitive, the .223 wins hands down.
I prefer the lack of recoil of the .223 rifles. No flinch means increased accuracy. I think I've fired 100,000 rounds thru AR-15's and M-16's. The .308 kicked more than I liked and was alot heavier. The .223 also does extreme trauma to an intended target, incapacatating the receiver of the .223 round. I would definitely take the .223.
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