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I have to say that the vast majority of my posts are in L&P. I tire of the endless debates of .45 versus 9mm; "What is the best gun for..." ; "What is the best caliber for..."; and the other endless repetitions that permeate other sections of the site.

Granted, I tired of the "Obama versus McCain" and other similar threads, as well as nearly any thread about Ron Paul.

With all that being said, I simply avoid areas and threads that do not interest me, and I would suggest that anyone else who does not like L&P discussions do the same. The loss of L&P would make this board of little use to me, and cause me to move on for the most part. I suspect that will be the case with quite a few others.

Note that the sister site broke off their political forum instead of eliminating it. Perhaps that could be an option here.
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