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CCW Class

I finally found a concealed carry class that didn't conflict with something I already had going on in my schedule, so I went to the first session last night. We were asked to bring the gun we intended to carry so that our instructors could verify its safety, so I took my S&W Sigma in .40 S&W.

Our instructors encouraged us to ask questions throughout the night and at one point one of the other attendees asked a question which he prefaced with "I don't know much about handguns...." This statement piqued my interest, so I glanced over to see what he had brought to class as his intended carry piece. Imagine my surprise when I looked over and saw a S&W N-Frame (I think) with a 6.5" barrel chambered in 44 mag.

To each his own I suppose, but I know one thing for certain...I'm going to be on the far end of the firing line from him when we qualify and I'm going to have plenty of hearing protection. He's going to wish he'd brought something smaller when he gets finished with his quals, methinks.
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