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Offered with the utmost respect...

Why not take this timeout to discuss the problems and goals of the forum, in open forum? Mod's, and everyone else could contribute ideas, and hopefully the participants could gain some ownership of the revised groundrules.

Frankly, I've never understood why the internal workings of the forum must be treated as a state secret. And any questions about same must be confined to secret PM's. Ask-assertive management might be more successful than tell-assertive management?

In our sister forum, scuttling of the "political" section seemed a successful strongarm attempt by a couple mods to censor topics that were uncomfortable to their chosen profession. Just an observation.

I understand that they are very happy with the outcome, but I hope that isn't repeated here on TFL.

Anitpitas and bluesman have been even-handed with their moderating styles, on behalf of the forum thanks for your time and effort!
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