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I agree with you. Despite many best intentions, the temptation to sieze upon tangents is quite often too great to resist. Most would admit, even on posts with which they agree, many topics inappropriately manifest in L+P.

I think GD, if kept on the topic of firearms, can successfully capture the legal aspects without being quite so susceptible to irrelevant dialogue. For example, the thread on updates to Ohio CCW/castle needn't be closed or moved elsewhere, as it's unlikely to divert to peripheral election-related and party-bashing issues that tend to spawn personal attacks. Where it's a legal issue, a literal firearms tie-in to every post should suffice.

The political aspect is trickier, given the interconnectedness of issues, and heightened sensitivity and universal interest during presidential elections. As fun as amateur punditing is, I doubt any productive persuasion is occurring, so I'd be happy to see these arguments gone.

At any rate, it was at the very least clear that there was little effort being made to keep L+P on 2A related topics by the general membership. What was on-topic is probably still open to discussion in other subforums. Though disposed of in another thread, I would not think anything productive would come of an "off topic" or other catchall forum to give the political arguments or other junk back for discussion. The rest of the Internet's waiting anxiously for any and all baloney without starting a sandwich here.

I suppose the irony of getting in on this is it's in a way "TFL politics," and I am just another chump who probably comes off as liking to read my own typing. The mod/admin team's got it all under control - this was just my way of expressing favor for the L+P cutoff.
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