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it happened.

i should have pointed out in the previous post that this was eastern texas, up in the country north of houston. it was a 15 acre tract of land. they had a big big party going on the next tract of land, music loud as hell.

when people scream out your name and your siblings names threatening to kill you, you do whats necessary.

it was fortunate we did not have to shoot.

staggerlee, the silly zombie post was just that, silly... gosh, who would shoot zombies with a stutzen? it was the clip thing in that thread, and the mossy shotty thing, i was jesting about how uptight folks are about that. i am happy you have a talking dog, this could make you a lot of money.

you are all, of course, free to call me a liar. i figgered it would happen because the tale is unreal. there was this sense of impossibility we were all feeling. it was commented more than once that this just cant be happening.

i bought the galil in florida while i was in the navy. gave 650 bucks for it in the fall of 88. i sold it at the astrohall at a gunshow in 93 for 950 bucks.
bad move, that.
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