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Want to go LE and get into SWAT

Hey all, I'm new to the forum. I've got some questions for you guys
( if anyone knows any answeres please speak up, I'd appreciate it ).

Does anyone know how many years street experience I would have to have in State Highway to be considered for SWAT ? I want to make a career out of LE, but want to end up with SWAT.

I want to do SWAT full time in a big city somewhere. Is it true that you dont have to keep your cop job, you can do SWAT full time, ( they just call you when they need you ) ?

I mainly want to get into SWAT because I am extremely good in high stress situations and I can shoot like John wayne ....litterally.

I'll be talking with a state highway officer soon here. My buddy is in the Marines and he's planning on goin in as well. So whatever answeres I can find out, it will be helping him as well.

As for myself, I'm 21 out of HS ( Graduated ), and have no speeding tickets/ jail time of any sort. I played Division 2 paintball for the past 2 years ,and I do extremely well working with teams and communicating. The physical fittness for SWAT would be no problem for me, especially Police acadamy fitness would be no problem.

If anyone has any input of what I should look into, or advice I should ask the State highway officer, I would appreciate it alot. THanks for your time guys
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