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I guess the real question is, what would you do with marauding gangs, no police or fire, for two days? How would you get out, or, would you abandon your home, or store? What if you couldn't get out?
I would NOT abandon my home, nor would anyone in this neighborhood. Anytime there is a hint of uprising, we quell it before it takes root. There has been some minor disturbances lately and they are being looked after right now. Some of the neighbors are non-confrontational and have moved here from truly bad areas of metro-Detroit, to get away from the violence. They are more than happy to let us handle the business of keeping this a fairly quiet area. Neighborhood watch means what it implies. Sometimes I can't understand the idiots that see the signs and yet think we're ripe for the picking.
In the case of a true gang-style uprising, I think we're also ready for that. The Koreans had it right and as far as I'm concerned, they showed themselves to be true Americans.
There was talk going around coming from the local kids, that punks stay out of this neighborhood because "those people are crazy!" Well, I don't really care what they think, as long as they stay out.
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