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I was in one of the riots in South Los Angeles. The LAPD didn't bug out, just outnumbered when an entire community came out to steal, loot and burn. Gangs were there but so was most of the community. It's easy to say but you can't shoot unarmed citizens for looting. The RK riots had nothing to do with RK, it was just an excuse to go out and loot because everyone else was doing it.

My hat is off to the Koreans for protecting their community. When things get that bad defending your home, business or community is the answer. Get a shotgun and a lot of ammo. One blast will scare off rioters and move them to an easier target. If you shoot someone, deny it. Its every man for himself and you need to put yourself and family first. If they get hurt it's their tough luck. The police can't protect you because there are not enough of them. The trouble with this whole thing is most people in the city are cowards and unable to take up arms. They think all their problems will be solved by calling 911.
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