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I've both practiced and used that particular skill on our farm, firing from the bed of a moving pickup. When a group of rabid pit bulls is roaming around looking for something to bite it's a nice skill to have IMO. There was a stretch where it seemed like every couple of months we'd encounter a rabid dog (many times pit bulls) wandering around on the clue where they came from. Only one time did they make it up towards the house and attack any of our animals. We lost 6 chickens that afternoon, along with 3 12 gauge 00buckshot shells and 10 rounds of hollow-point .22 lr. Not sure but they definitely looked like fighting dogs IMO.

On a more tactical perspective, I could realistically see shooting back at armed opponents who are firing from cover (buildings, vehicles, barricades) in an urban riot setting. Then again, I'd just assume not to be in the urban setting to begin with, riot or not
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