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You hit the nail on the head

but if the climate is right almost anything can "start" a riot.
I think there is enough anger right now stewing in this country in some groups that the climate is indeed right.

edit: I don't just mean racial groups by the way. I live in St Paul, MN (where the GOP convention was just held); We had a lot of unruly people trying to cause havoc during the convention. Some guy was even arrested with a bunch of Molotov cocktails. There were some incidents which were coming real close to rioting. If McCain wins this Nov, I cant imagine these people won't take to the streets again, only this time they're going to be real mad.
I don't know how much attention this got nationally, as I usually only watch the local news, but a lot of downtown St Paul was cordoned off and looked like a military or police state (lots of National Guard and tons of police). I guess they needed it too, lots of vandalism, some violence, plenty of tear gas and about 700 arrests (I think only a handful of felony charges though). I even heard some rubber bullets were fired, but I'm not sure if that's true.

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