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I have the Mosquito. The many reported problems associated with it are user based. It comes with two springs - the lighter spring is the default one. Some of the loading problems are associate with users putting in the spring in backwards [wider portion is set facing the FRONT of the pistol]. CCI mini mag ammo is recommended by the manufacturer. I have always used that ammo and prefer it. I have shot Winchester Super X and Federal Gold Medal also in keep it lubricated per the instructions and there should be no issues with it. Again - I suspect some users don't "follow the instructions".

The earlier models were reported to have issues. Mine is a great little shooter. I have not had issues with it.

The Mosquito inherently is NOT as accurate as 5.5" to 7", .22 pistol for the obvious reason that this little item has a barrel that is just under 4", no weighted/heavier barrel, shorter sight radius, etc. It's competitive counterpart is the small Walther P22 [which I don't like at all].

I have a .22 smith with a 5.5 inch, a light barrel and I certainly shoot better groups than the Sig Mos. but again - two different pistols for two different types of shooting. I was waiting for the .22 conversion for my Sig 229 but the gun dealer said for less than the conversion kit, you can have the mosguito, so I bought it. It is smaller than my 229 and lighter. I still may get the conversion kit for the 229 when it comes out.

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