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Today someone tried to, and we don't know, commit suicide by police in our area. They shut down a good part of the freeway system.

Another thing, 3000 bikers, being escorted by the CHP, has shut down another part of the freeway system, Pretty much.

It's 101, and, is now down to [email protected] 6pm.

We also had a 4.0 earthquake yesterday evening.

I commute to a bad area, and, as I was on my way home, I called 911. As I drove off, I saw about 100 students gathering to watch a couple guys fighting, across the street from the high school.

All of this is a bit unsettling, and, makes the Rodney King riots, and other riots that occured during extreme heat, seem a bit too close to home...

Forgot to mention someone broke into my car, took about 1 grand in stereo amp and CD player, and, 5k in computer equipment.

Maybe I've got some sort of Traumatic Stress disorder...

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