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We Koreans had the right idea. As you know, Korea town is not in an
affluent part of Los Angeles.

If the police abandon their responsibilities, you better protect yourself
and your neighborhood.

What was Los Angeles' beef with us anyway? We did what we had to do.
Vigilantism is wrong, but not when the authorities have tucked tail and have run
for their lives. These first generation Korean immigrants have
everything invested in their stores. Their stores mean almost everything to them.

Some white guys beat a black guy senseless and do not go to jail for doing
so. Therefore, Koreans stores are looted. I never understood

If the authorities abandon their responsibilities, get together with your
neighbors, barricade the streets, get on the roofs and if a mob comes
shoot to kill.

EDIT: If the mob had rushed the Korea town barricades, you would have seen
some bloodshed. Most first generation Koreans have military training.
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