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What can we learn from the Rodney King riots and looting?

In Kali, it's real clear. Rich folks live in certain areas, like The Palisades, Malibu, etc. They either have police, or, more likely, they have a very efficient private security firm. They also own guns. LOTS of guns.
When the Rodney King riots were in effect, these folks set up baracades, in Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood, and the Palisades, and, Korea town,covered with high powered rifles, and assault weapons. Don't live in that area, you don't get in.
The police had pulled out of LA, along with the Fire fighters, and, let the burning, looting, and killing go on it's own. Anarchy, for 1.5-2 days, until the national guard got there, and, get this, they went in with NO AMMUNITION, BUT, THE BAD GUYS DIDN'T KNOW THAT...

The groups that were responsible for most of this were gangs, Mexican, Cryps, Bloods, 13's, and 14's, etc. The fires were started at the same time over a very large area. This was an organized effort by the LA gangs to redistribute wealth, given an excuse. THEY are armed, well armed.
The gangs targeted marketable items, stores like Goodguys, were totally looted, and then burned to destroy any evidence of theft.

I pull a couple things out of this situation. First, the wealthy LA rich folks sponsor lots of bills to limit poor people getting guns. Given that they have vivid memories of that riot, and it's situation, do we forgive them for throwing our service members, and poor folks, like teachers, under the bus in their effort to keep guns out of the hands of the gangs?

I don't.

I'm told, even though I live in a nice area, I have to have a 600 dollar plus safe to keep them in. NOT the easiest thing to move. That's fine, if you are rich, and live in a mansion...

In politics, one of the first lessons one learns is if you create a large poor class, a small middle class, and, a oligarchy, as LA is, you are highly likely to have armed insurrections. Rodney King riots were living proof of that.

Finally, the people that MOST need guns are the folks that aren't rich, who are force to live in proximity to gang territory. Because of the lower rents, they are MOST likely to be robbed, killed, etc. and, they are the ones MOST in need of firearms for SD.

In Washington D.C., congress is the one responsible for overseeing D.C.'s laws. CONGRESS let that 25 years of no handgun ban exist, under THEIR WATCH. In our nations capital, a place where one would think all those hallowed places would remind our elected reps of their duty to our way of life, and, our Constitution, they have in fact, allowed Nazi like gun restrictions to exist for 25 years. I can think of little more clear and convincing evidence of the majority of our government reps REAL position, and leanings, then D.C.s gun laws.

Now that I'm off my soap box: The Koreans got prosecuted, don't know of the final disposition, because they used height, roof tops, to cover their area, and, the helicopters took pictures of them. If you are going to use this tactic, where a hat, or some sort of cover so they can't identify you.

I guess the real question is, what would you do with marauding gangs, no police or fire, for two days? How would you get out, or, would you abandon your home, or store? What if you couldn't get out?

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