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Ah, this Model 99 thread makes my stomach drop a little. I bought a 1921, 250-3000 from a neighbor in 1978. I had it tapped for bases and put a 4X scope on it and it was an amazing shooter for me. I knew next to nothing about Model 99s but my neighbor had bought it from the elderly original owner and it was just sitting around. For a hundred bucks, I had something to go hunting with and grew to love it. I refinished the stock and cleaned it to factory fresh.

In 1980, it was stolen right off the gun range in Petaluma, California. I was chatting with the farmer who owned the range and not paying much attention to a couple of guys a couple of benches down. Damn if they didn't pack up to leave and took my gun with them. They were out the gate and out of sight by the time I realized what had happened.

I was working at the Sheriff's Dept., comm center, and put the gun in the system myself, but it never found its way home. :barf: I've often thought about finding another one like it, but they sure ain't turning them loose for a hundred bucks anymore.

That was a sweet little lever gun. That rotary magazine with the window showing the number of rounds left was just plain cool, too.

Just because they're at the range doesn't mean they're the good guys.
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