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So, your initial conjectures about the thread are off base and you missed the point in your self righteous pontification.
I intended to point out that life is more complex and show a realistic scenario that could happen (has happened to me once, BTW) and see if the blood lust crowd could see the point.
Well, it seems I'm guilty of taking your post at face value and not realizing your point was directly related to another thread I wasn't aware of.

Ah jeez, Glen. Why not let the rest of us in on the intent of the thread to begin with and lessen the chance of a "self righteous pontification" to which you ascribed my post.

Besides, your trick didn't work, since not one poster answered yes to shooting through the door and identifying themselves as part of "the blood lust crowd".

See, this is what happens when old geezers like Glen and me have too much time on our hands. Maybe I should consider going back to drinking.

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