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No, most police officers don't practice with their weapons. For me guns and shooting are a hobby as well as a tool of the job so I shoot quite a bit. I work with and supervise officers. Before a recent qualification I set up a range day for my people to practice on a voluntary basis. Not one showed up. On the mandatory day they all qualified on the state standard course.

Am I proud to work with these officers? You bet I am. Every last one of them have integrity, courage, compassion and a strong work ethic. We work the highest activity shift in the department and are short staffed, most nights they have reports stacked up waiting to be completed but they're here, every night. No sick call ins unless they're in bad shape, no "blue flu", no belly aching. Great team work and clean arrests.

While I would like for my people to be able to practice more (we qualify four times a year now) I am more concerned about their situational awareness, the ability to read body language, hear what the suspects are and aren't saying and the ability (and willingness) to take decisive action. They have this down in spades. They can and do have my back.
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