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I’ve posted pictures in the past, but never of my whole collection. It’s not out of paranoia. It’s out of laziness. I haven’t taken pictures of all my guns, but may at one point. There’s much greater risk of showing my guns to someone in person than online. IF someone figures out who I am and where I live, AND they feel my guns are impressive enough to go to my house and steal them, then they’d have to get past my 2 German Shepherds, get to my safe, break into that, and still hope not to get caught by me or a family member. If caught they would get a demonstration of how well at least one of my firearms functions. If the house is empty and the dogs are with us, then the alarm is on. So I’m not really sweating it. This is a gun forum. We talk about guns. Sometime pictures are posted. Big deal.

By the way, the dogs are primarily pets than protection, and the alarm is in place to protect our other valuables as well as guns.
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