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30 Luger not 9mm

I was going to post something somewhere else and realized that I am still a little mad about it. The more you know... I guess.
I went to the gun store around here and bought a Luger in 9mm. I went to walmart and picked up a box of 9x19 and off to the range I went. First bullet wouldn't chamber, and it turned into a mess from there. After I took the magazine out and cleared the jam I tried it again with no luck. My landlord at the time was a gunsmith so I had him look at it. Well at least HE got a laugh out of it. Turned out my Luger was in .30 Luger, not 9x19. The store wouldn't take it back. I found someone selling .30 Luger. $35 for 20 that left little grey discs through the barrel and action with every malfunction possible except failure to fire. I hated that gun and took a hell of a loss getting rid of it.
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