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Originally Posted by MCab
Gay? Are samurai gay? Shaolin Monks? What about the Blue Angels and USAF Thunderbirds (yep, before every show, they close their eyes and visualize everything they will do)? What about professional athletes?

I've been doing EEG/Neurofeedback therapy for my adult ADD. It's a form of facilitated meditation and it's been doing wonders in every area of my life, including shooting. This, combined with practice, has squelched my flinch tendencies and now I'm getting tight groups.

All meditation is taking your brain to a "gym." You've got parts of your brain that control the limbic system that are not active enough. Meditation gets these parts active again and cranks up your alpha brain waves which make you calmer, more aware, and in control. Nothing gay about that.
I stand corrected. It's not metrosexual. Don't hurt me.
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