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We qualify twice a year and have quarterly firearms training (Sims, FATS, live fire, combat courses, FUNDAMENTALS!!!, etc.). Tac Team shoots once a month. We are issued Glocks and AR's across the board, and our 870's have been painted orange and now we have to call them Less Lethal Launchers:barf:. Then, each eputy is allotted 50 rounds a month for individual training, but MAYBE 5% of the people take advantage of that... I make a valiant effort to make sure I shoot mine and then some, just so it doesn't go bad just sitting there.

As far as police being "gun guys"... 5-10% of our department fit that description. Maybe 30% if you just look at the Tac Team. Everybody on the team is very profficient with thier weapons, but there are few of us that are self proclaimed "gun fags."
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