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I have a couple pairs of these. One set I keep at the office for when the buildings fire alarm system gets tested (seems like thats a monthly occurrance). Another I keep in the truck for when I go to work at concerts. The third is in the range bag.

Yes, they are good enough for the range, both pistol and rifle, I would guestimate that they offer just a little less protection than the regular muffs. But they give enough protection that standing in front of the speaker stacks at concerts such as Megadeth, 36 Crazyfists, MxPx, and Elton John (yeah, i know, kind of out of place there) is comfortable on the hearing, no ringing in the ears after.

I have seen pricing on the EP3 range from $8 to $20, so maybe ordering them directly from Surefire is a good idea.

I must have really small ear canals, cause the mediums are really tight in my ears.
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