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I am sorry but i will not stand by idle while someone ransacks my home in the middle of the night or day.
Good. Of course, nobody has suggested that you do that. But there are a lot of options between "shoot him right there" and "stand by idle."
Warning or no warning i'll not clammer in the corner and hope for the best.
Again, I see no place where such an idea has even been suggested.
If what you say is true David then we should all give up our guns and flashlights,or better yet why even have locks on our doors or window shades.Its called privacy and i for one love mine.
You're being silly. Privacy is nice and is well-deserved. But deciding that the best way to preserve that privacy is to kill someone is a bit over the top, IMO. The guns and flashlights certainly have a place. So does the concept of a warning.
Enough of the poor pitiful thief speech.
Again you argue a point that has not been made, at least by me. I feel no sympathy for the thief. I do feel sympathy for the good citizen. What seems to be getting lost is that frequently the best thing for that good citizen is to minimize loss of resources. Getting into a gunfight does not meet that goal. You can always escalate if the warninig is not sufficient. However, if you start by shooting, it is awfully hard to go back.
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