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Well, my current "battle rifle" is my Beretta CX4 9mm.

The way I look at it presently (and anyone is welcome to try and change my mind with some good advice) I am going primarily for defense and even a
9mm Carbine will convince people to keep their heads down. Should the worst happen (whatever the "worst" might be) I don't see myself sitting still for too long unless there is no other choice. My goal would be to get into a rural, less populated area (not hard in northern/western Maine) and finding a place for me and mine to camp out.

Since I travel a lot, I have one pistol/rifle for transit to home and another for moving from home to wherever.

To get home I have my Beretta Cougar 8040 and a Marlin 30-30 Lever action. Once I get home (after a quick trip to a secure location that is) I have my Glock 22 and some gear for wearing it as well as several Magazines to get to a safe place. As mentioned, my CX4 will be joining me as well.

Fides, Defensio Iacturaque ad Malum Avertendum
"Loyalty, defense and sacrifice in order to avert evil"
"If there must be War let it be in my day so that my child may know peace"
Thomas Paine
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