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We all have to make a personal choice in how we react to this situation.I am sorry but i will not stand by idle while someone ransacks my home in the middle of the night or day.Warning or no warning i'll not clammer in the corner and hope for the best.

If what you say is true David then we should all give up our guns and flashlights,or better yet why even have locks on our doors or window shades.Its called privacy and i for one love mine.Enough of the poor pitiful thief speech.If will make you happy then i'll warn em when i cock the hammer back on my 357.

Sorry but in the last 8 month i've had both my cars broken into 4 times,and my house was broken into as well.In all this i've had to replace my rag top,and cd player in my jeep along with a complete passanger side window motor kit for my other car.In my house i've had to replace window screens and a back room window, and 2 door locks.I have lost my sympothy for the criminal element and no they don't deserve any kind WARNING.Oh let me go on the record and say yes i'm moving just as soon as my transfer comes through.
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