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Rattle the door

In order to convince a jury that you had no other choice of taking a life is that the perp had opportunity, ability and your life was in jeopardy.

Means, opportunity, intent in SC. The castle doctrine is in effect here, but you still need those three.

As the saying goes, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

It is quite evident to me that if some one has the balls to break in and is now at you bedroom door what part of MEANS, OPPORTUNITY,& INTENT are not there. Do you realy think he's looking for a lite for his smokie or crack pipe? Or maybe a drink of water.
As I stated earlier, if you go to bed knowing the doors and windows were locked. NO ONE, BUT NO ONE should ever be in the house other than family members. Just my opinion from a gun friendly state.
And as always remember your tin-foil hats.
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