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Nope, never said that. I said you need formal tactical training. That you consider the two the same is part of the problem, IMO.
Thank god its just your opinion. I was beginning to think that I can't do the very same things being taught in "formal training" since I learned them a different way than you.

You need to make up your mind. The last discussion revolved around the fact that you had had no formal training and why you thought you didn't need any because you'd read some books and watched some videos.
Didn't say formal training. As I have stated numerous times I use the same tactics as taught to you and others by the pros. I run the same drills. Only I had to do it myself. I'm quite positive that there isn't anything you can do that I haven't done or cannot do. You just paid a lot more and have a nice piece of paper to show for it. Are you better? We'll never know. My money is on me though.

your "smallest of advantage" comes with other disadvantages.
And the reason for my post. I'm looking for educated input to assist me with this very issue. Instead you give assumptions and sarcasm. I understand that you have been conditioned to make due with what you have and that the tool isn't the key but the training is........I agree with a twist......I want the tool that can excell in the most of my expected scenarios. Since I get to prepare and train in advance.

It changes your options. Whether that is a limit for you, well, you're the only one who can decide that.
Given my expected uses the 10/22 will limit the options of whoever selects it.
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