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And as so often happens you assume that I have not trained with my rifle.
Nope, never siad that. I said you need formal tactical training. That you consider the two the same is part of the problem, IMO.
You assume just because I want the best tool for the job, that I cannot make due with what I have available and thats just rediculous.
As we've discussed before, if you'd talk about what was said instead of making things up the discussion would go much smoother.
There is no professional training David that will allow you to shoot as fast and accurate a follow up shot with a 308 as a 223. Just as if your needs lean toward penetration no training will make a 223 punch holes like a 308.
Again, the fact that you would discuss those in the same context as training indicates how much you need the training.
Have it already.
You need to make up your mind. The last discussion revolved around the fact that you had had no formal training and why you thought you didn't need any because you'd read some books and watched some videos.
It can limit your options though.
It changes your options. Whether that is a limit for you, well, you're the only one who can decide that.
I'll never understand how a "small advantage" isn't advantagous.
As Jermtheory said, "...its a trade off. your "smallest of advantage" comes with other disadvantages."
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