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In my post i was trying to say you shouldn't have to give a warning,because when he broke in he didn't give a warning,and i'm not going to stand there and give the bad guy a cold beer.
Again, while a cold beer might be nice, it has much more limited an application to the issue being discussed. And nobody has said you have to give a warning, only that it is a good idea to do so under certain circumstances.
As far as i'm concerned he is armed and dangerous and thats all there is to it.
If you think he is armed and dangerous, why start a gunfight if yo don't have to?
As far as shooting If it's the middle of the day then i know my family is not there(good)if it's the middle of the night then i still know where my family is.
But you don't know where all the bullets are going.
Oh and i stand behind my decision to shoot if someone breaks in to my house in the middle of the night,they are not there for just my toaster and i sure aint goin to ask,
No matter how many times you say it it doesn't change the facts. Most breaks ins are just that, break ins, and the perp has no desire to physically harm anyone.
hey they gave me no choice when they broke in.
Then you are choosing to let the criminal decide what you will do. I prefer to make my decisions based on what I want to do. There is always a choice.
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