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I've heard of bulk Chinese "fireworks" powder being redistributed by local dealers across the Pacific where good powder is scarce, but not here. And I don't recall hearing about anyone else domestically re-branding bulk Goex.
It sounds like Jack is repackaging it more as a service than for the profit in order to move more volume and receive better prices. Hat's off to him for doing it at all.
What else would be different about it except for possibly having a slightly less consistent granulation of fines mixed in to each "pound or powder load" resulting from whether it originally came from the top or bottom of the bulk powder container? Most folks can live with less than a perfectly consistent mix of powder granulation in exchange for the amount of cost savings for having bought from a bulk lot.
There's probably also a variation in powder granulation consistency when buying individual factory packed pound cans of Goex too, but maybe not quite as much from the first pound to the last in a case lot as there might be in each pound coming from a bulk lot.
Can you tell that I'm just guessing?
Just stick some in your pipe and smoke it. I'll bet that it's quite tasty!
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