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Human life, even that of some one gone bad is worth more than my stuff, worth even more than the turmoil of "home invasions" (which is different, legally, that what we are discussing), worth more, clearly, than the "taxpayer money" (that's why we have prisons). No one deserves to die because they are a thief, regardless of the reason. After all, most of us are thieves to one degree or another. Ever taken a pen from work, or wasted your companies time on a gun forum? Yes, I know "that's different". It's different because you didn't go somewhere you weren't invited or scare somebody in the process. So where do we draw the line.
I think you've missed the point, Peezakilla. If someone invaded your home, you'd be afraid for your familys' lives. Not whether your TV and DVD player were at risk.

An old WWII veteran once said, during a tv interview, that he didn't fight his way through France and witness the death of many a friend so his government could mandate that he submitt to robbery because it considered a criminals rights more important than his.

In other words, Peezaakilla, it's a civil liberties issue, not a property vs. human life issue. My civil liberties were paid for in blood and so were yours. Such a requirement, IMO, amounts to tyranny and oppression, and spits on the graves of those who shed their blood for our freedom.

Should burglary be a capital offense? No. And it's not.

Peezakilla, I'd really like to think you aren't suggesting that a Homeowner who takes a burglar's life out of fear of his own isn't a sentence imposer, nor a self appointed judge and jury. Tell me you aren't.
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