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It must load on Sunday and shoot all week. Be reliable enough to go through that whole week without a hickup. Shoots strait and hits hard as far as I can reliably hit. Light and short. And afford lots of practice (cause skill is number one in my book.)

Right now my two Bushie ARs fill the bill. Just spent this morining sighting in one (BUIS was on, but scope not) and it shoot wonderfully. The other one, with Ashly rear sight, was already dead on at 200 yards and has my 'no touchie' stamp on it, meaning it works right and leave it alone!

Sure there are others that will do the same. A good AK, good FAL (I'd like to get a DSA para model myself), SOCOM M1A, and others but the AR is what I have and it does quite fine.

See I don't split hairs and worry over charts and graphs that give one a .002 percent better this or better that. My Bushies are fine, just like alot of other good guns out there.
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