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Human life, even that of some one gone bad is worth more than my stuff, worth even more than the turmoil of "home invasions" (which is different, legally, that what we are discussing), worth more, clearly, than the "taxpayer money" (that's why we have prisons). No one deserves to die because they are a thief, regardless of the reason. After all, most of us are thieves to one degree or another. Ever taken a pen from work, or wasted your companies time on a gun forum? Yes, I know "that's different". It's different because you didn't go somewhere you weren't invited or scare somebody in the process. So where do we draw the line.
I was not talking about "STUFF". I am talking about your life or your family's lives. Is an intruder's life worth more than yours?

I do cherish life. I KNOW that Jesus Christ died for EVERY soul that has ever lived and will ever live on this earth. So, every soul is precious to God. He gave His Son for us all.

But, God also gave us the freedom of choice. He will not make us do what's right. He commands us to, but it's up to us if we do or not.

We all make decisions. And, there are always consequenses to our decisions. Whether good or bad.

You do not know the intent of someone that has invaded your home.

Is your life or your family's lives worth taking a chance to find out?

One thing for sure. If you take a criminal out, he will not do it again. And, maybe he will be an example to others who might be in the same line of "work"!
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