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As happens so often, if you would spend just a little time and money getting some training from professionals in the field you'd realize how silly so much of what you worry about really is. You keep trying to find a hardware solution to what is a software problem.
And as so often happens you assume that I have not trained with my rifle. You assume just because I want the best tool for the job, that I cannot make due with what I have available and thats just rediculous.

There is no professional training David that will allow you to shoot as fast and accurate a follow up shot with a 308 as a 223. Just as if your needs lean toward penetration no training will make a 223 punch holes like a 308.

The caliber doesn't determine your success.
It can limit your options though. The more limits the greater chance of getting hurt IMO.

You want something that will increase your chances a whole lot--get some tactical training behind you. Then you'll understand why these "small advantages' aren't advantages at all.
Have it already. I'll never understand how a "small advantage" isn't advantagous. I guess with that thinking a small disadvantage isn't a disadvantage at all either.
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