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basic needs

Atually, everybody is right except for the one that's wrong.... heheheheh...Anyway, the way I see it, in my home , I'll use my .45 ACP ( Gock 30 or Webley mk VI ), then if caught outside my 20 ga. AL 48 Franchi. and finally , if having to exchange fire with someone at over 25 yards and more, my Kel-Tec .223. Note that the shotgun has a 20 " barrel and still will score at 50 yards or more with good slugs. I don't really see the usage a .308 would have unless you're sniping or target shooting , besides who wants to carry that heavy babe in the streets when somebody is after you. As for the .243, that's a hell of a nice cartridge , shoot very flat and about 3 -4 " low at 400 yards , something like that. But find ammo in a running battle. You guys are right in my book about foreseeing heavy troubles and thinking about getting ready , I live in a rural area but figure them freaks from the city raiding a small town or a farm or some ranches just to show off back in their turf....heheheh...I got news for those retard turds , we're waiting for you...heheheh... dan
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