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Looks like others beat me to the CowsWithGuns site.

Why would you ever shoot through a door without knowing for sure whats on the otherside.
Most bedroom doors are hollow-core doors. If you've replaced yours with a solid door, give yourself 5 points for preparedness. For the rest of us, that door is about as much of a barrier as cardboard.

I live alone and seldom have stay over guests. If someone got in on a night where the bedroom door was closed & locked (for some reason) and I awoke to a rattling of the doorknob....

- It's likely I DO have a stay-over guest and if so, I'll ask what do they want. Incoherent or no reply will cause me to arm and prepare for some "unknown circumstances".

- If it's a case of no stay-over guests I'm probably NOT going to make inquires to give away the fact that I'm alerted to their presence.

- If there is a hard slamming noise or the sound of splintering wood, I'll launch a pair of JHP about 4 inches inside the doorknob and about 12-inches above it in anticipation of the barrier failing. [Presumes no guests.]

- If the door is kicked in, fire to slidelock, grab the .357 back-up and hold position while dialing 911.

At this point is when people usually make the claim about "identifying your target". Fine. As intruders with evil-intent don't carry IFF transponders and I don't have the electronics anyhow.

In rapid sequence:
1. When a guest is present in the house, VFR (visual fighting rules) apply.
... 1.1. A guest is most likely to knock on the bedroom door.
... 1.2. A guest is most likely to announce their needs when questioned.
2. When no guests are present TNR (Threat neutralization rules) apply
... 2.1. A quiet rattling of the doorknob indicates a stealth entry attempt.
... 2.2. An attempt to quietly shove the door open indicates a stealth entry attempt.
... 2.3. Stealth entry attempts followed by attempts to break open the door indicate a serious threat.
... 2.4. Authorities (under some emergency) will loudly knock and announce who they are and the nature of the emergency. So too would neighbors likely be yelling "fire" or some similar warning.
... 2.5. If the door is attacked and giving way, the person on the other side is not my friend.
... 2.6. If the threat subsides, then dial 911 for cavalry support and maintain security on the closed door. Ideally with the 12-gauge.

And before someone tries to "what if..." an improbable circumstance (...a deaf-mute 'dwarf' from a different social culture) I'll point out that someone intruding has already committed at least one felony by the time they've reached my bedroom door.
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