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75% of the posters on this thread have ignored the original subject and expressed opinions on legal or tactical considerations re: civilian SD warning shots in our country.

The subject of the thread is about foreign country security or guard duty with re: to lethal force policy and warning shot requirements---- WHICH IS NOT RELEVENT TO WARNING SHOTS AS A SD STRATEGY HERE IN THE US.

Wrong thread. You want the warning shots thread, not the bad language theread.
Holy crap, you're right David! Thanks for catching that. Glad you have the embarrassment icon (even has the spelling).

I'm going to bend over and kick myself in the butt.

To get back on track.

Sometimes witnesses are people who are out of sight and can't see what's happening. I'd rather they heard me yelling at Bubba to "don't move", "drop your weapon", "stay away from me", etc. than to hear me swearing at him just before they hear the shots.
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