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1. Being this was a hypothetically scenario... are free to change it into anything you'd like that I can not win.

I will not kill for property. <<Period. End of Possibilities.>>

If you walk out with my things. I have insurance.
If you sue me. I have insurance.
Police response time in my area is within 5 minutes for something like a burglary in progress. I'll have your image (video from security and hand held camera), I'll have a plate number, car description, I might even follow you.

The sanctity of human life is not a value open to hypothetical what if statements. If you attempt to harm me or mine to degree that threatens our lives I WILL make you stop. Whether that means to the point of your death depends on your reaction to my attempts to make you stop. At that point it's your decision not mine.
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He is no fool who gives what he can not keep to gain what he can not lose.
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