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Sorry David you missed my thread,i was being a smart butt.In my post i was trying to say you shouldn't have to give a warning,because when he broke in he didn't give a warning,and i'm not going to stand there and give the bad guy a cold beer.As far as i'm concerned he is armed and dangerous and thats all there is to it.As far as shooting If it's the middle of the day then i know my family is not there(good)if it's the middle of the night then i still know where my family is.I can monitor everything from my bedroom either by tv or by baby monitores in my kids room upstairs.Oh and i stand behind my decision to shoot if someone breaks in to my house in the middle of the night,they are not there for just my toaster and i sure aint goin to ask,again i'm not a command or rambo but hey they gave me no choice when they broke in.
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