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For me its riots, looters, and gang trouble.
Must be lots of terrorists, looters and gangbangers out to get us in them there hills of Montanny. Aliens too.
Attributing quotes to people who didn't say them isn't a good way to further your argument, esp when the entire debate is written down as a matter of public record, and your claims can be so easily disproved.

Just a hint...

Maybe you weren't trying to attribute the last quote to me, but I said no such thing. And I am guessing the poster who did isn't from Montana. I realize two is a large number for us country folk, but maybe if you are that easily confused, you should stick to building blocks and Crayolas
"...nothing says 'I WILL shoot every last one of you before you have time to reconsider your poor choices in life' like an AK."
~Dave R.
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