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My agency, four times a year. One record requal every year but every time we shoot we do the qual course.

The other three times a year is a combo of low light, movement and multiple targets.

The qual course is 46 rounds, anywhere from 3meters to 15ms, some kneeling, some malfunction drills thrown in, weak hand, strong hand and all timed.

But here is the kicker, when we qualify we have to shoot 100% on target, no strays, everything has to be on the man sized target on the ink (35 out of 46 in the vital areas) . Three trys, then if you fail that, come back in two weeks for three more retrials, then if you still cant keep everything on the ink, then two weeks remedial training. Oh and if you fail to quaulify on the day of the shoot you loose your weapon until the next shoot.

Before someone writes in, a weapon is a choice on this job not a requirement.
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