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AlleyKat, you'll need to call them for the install of the Trigger. It's not listed on the web site. He just told me about it over the phone. Besides, the Accu-Trigger has been out long enough for most people who own Savages to already possess them. Older savage owners probably would have dropped a Timney trigger in there by now. I was just too lazy and cheap to do mine. LOL.

As for the mistake on spelling, they're not the first to have typos.. and definitely won't be the last. LOL. I see them all the time on other web sites. Regardless, they seem to be good guys. I just called them the other day to order another Left Hand Tactical bolt handle and Bolt Lift Kit for my new Savage. I'll be sending up my pre-accutrigger 10FP in a few weeks.

Kevin Rayhill, one of the principles, said that he does it all the time. It takes 20mins and costs $50 + shipping. This price includes the Accu-Trigger.

Give them a shout! 308-432-5114
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